Azé Vineyard

Azé is the village where the wine-making place and part of the vines are located. Being both born and living in the village, it was impossible for us to finalize our project to build a vat outside of Azé.

Our plots, grouped on a single clay-limestone slope, benefit from an exposure due East. The nature of the soil and this exposure favor the slow warming of the ambient air and soils, limiting climatic stresses. Another advantage of the rising sun, the morning dew evaporates faster, limiting the risk of development of diseases such as mildew, powdery mildew or gray rot, which is an important factor as it allows to limit treatments. The longer luminosity also comes smoothly, which promotes growth and maturation ideal for the vinification of great wines.

With our attachment to Azé, our plots located in this village will be used to develop our high-end wine, not available for sale at the moment.