Estate Overview

Le Chai de la Louve located in Azé in Burgundy is the story of two brothers, Florian and Bastien, wihtout inherited roots the wine business but nevertheless passionate about the land and its culture.

Our story begins in 2003 when Florian, a 21-year-old wine worker, decided to take over 1.5 ha of vines in order to establish as a wine-grower. A very risky choice at the time and since he had no family ties in wine business and no diploma, he was not eligible to any financial assistance. However, he did not gave-up and gradually enlarged his estate to reach in 2015, 30 ha of vines, all registered in local winery coop.

At the same time, Bastien who was already interested in the wine sector, spent his weekends as well as a significant amount of his school holidays helping on the estate, then find out a real passion for vines and wines. It was obvious that he turned to wine studies as soon as he left middle school. Once graduated, Bastien joined the estate in 2014.

In 2019, some plots were at the end of the contract with a local winery coop. Florian and Bastien, proud of their accomplished work, decide to develop their own wine business and to affirm their passion, by creating their very own estate with 5 ha of vines, which will be chosen for the quality of their terroirs and their grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay.


Our wines are resulting from a reflection of our strong connection to the land and the rich Mâconnais terroirs, where nature is fully expressed. These earthly values and this respect for life are reflected in our cultural practices of the vine. Naturally we have based our estate on a High Environmental Value approach and launched a wine without added sulfites.