Péronne Vineyard

At the dawn of his installation, Florian had to enlarge his surface to perpetuate the exploitation, it was at this moment that we had the chance to take over vines in the town of Péronne, a village rich in its location and its unique terroirs.

Slightly further north-west, and separated from Azé by the wood ‘Bois de Chatenay’, these two villages do not benefit from the same air streams. Indeed, this hill, although only 360 m high, creates a real difference in temperature and rainfall between them.

Our plots are separated over several sectors and reliefs, on hillsides and in plains. We develop cuvées allowing us to respect the different exposures and different types of soil, some more clayey, others more limestone, in order to enhance the terroir of each place. From these cuvées, come, among others, our Mâcon Village and our Mâcon Péronne without sulfites. It is also in Péronne that our plots of Gamay and Pinot Noir are located, taking advantage of the warmth and complexity of an exposure to the southeast.